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Customized Learning Strategies

We create customized learning strategies.  We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions or off-the-shelf solutions to a client who then has to try and “make it fit.” Every company is unique, has different learning needs, and therefore needs a customized solution to improve learning. We know how to connect with learners; we know how learners learn, and we know how to engage learners.  Contact the Corporate Learning Group to improve the return on investment of your valuable training resources.

Consulting As Advocates For Learners

Your people are your most valuable asset.  As humans, our most valuable asset is our cognitive ability.  The Corporate Learning Group can provide insight into how the human brain cognitively acquires and retains information and improves skills.  We can create learning strategies that will enable your learners to connect, learn, and engage with your training and development programs.  Contact us to help you improve the overall performance within your organization.

Designing Your Future

The Corporate Learning Group can help you utilize technology to improve performance.  We blend multiple learning strategies into one cohesive approach that allows technology to provide a strong foundation for learning and equips your leaders and trainers to improve their coaching skills.  We can help you transition from your current “training” approach into a customized blended learning strategy that builds the bridge for your organization to reach your future.

Focus Groups

Feedback is one of the most valuable resources for any organization.  Gaining insights from feedback is even more valuable.  Whether from external customers or internal team members, the Corporate Learning Group can facilitate focus groups to discover opportunities that will give you an edge in the market place and improve performance within your organization.

Change Management

Large ships are turned by a small rudder; however, it takes a continued effort to turn the ship around.  Simple messages have a powerful impact in moving companies forward; however, in most organizations, achieving simplicity is the challenge.  The Corporate Learning Group can help you create a clear message, communicate and launch your initiative, and deliver the right amount of repetition to transform your message from being perceived as a “new change” that is resisted to one that is accepted as part of your culture and executed as planned.